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Looking younger, everyday!

I'm a 46 years of woman and I have been using this wonderful tool for more than a month. It is treating many skin problems and you can easily change the care modes to focus on specific problems. I used this for wrinkles, some blemishes on my chin and uneven skin tone on my forehead.

Results are unbelievable! My skin is now firm and has much less wrinkles, the blemishes on my chin and nose are barely visible. My skin is brighter and looks younger than ever before! Truly amazing device. Don't think twice to buy yours!

I'm loving this - amazing for dull skin

I'm a 33 years old woman and I used to have dull skin for as long as I can remember. I have tried many cleansers, exfoliation methods and products but nothing really worked. But I thought I would give this a shot, even though I was doubtful. But lemme tell you what happened.

I steamed my face and used a facial cleanser and then used the scrubber as instructed and wow! Effects were just immediate. My face was red for a moment but then I can see the results. Very impressive. After using for two weeks, results are just unbelievable. The dullness I used to have on my skin is just gone! There's an ALIVENESS that was never there before. 1000% satisfied and will keep using this pretty tool.

The best skincare tool ever!

I have tried many products like light therapy, scrubbers, creams but none of them worked like this machine. When I used it for the first time, it gave my skin a glow and I never felt my skin being cleaner and softer like this before with any other products. This really does wonders on the skin. Now it's my third week and the results keep improving. My skin looks so beautiful and free from blemishes and pimples. I notice a huge difference within this 3 weeks.

Works like a charm!

I was surprised to see how much dirt I extracted from my face. I regularly peel and exfoliate my face but still they weren't as effective compared to this wonderful device.

My skin became cleaner and tightened, I almost feel that it reversed aging by a few years after keep using this for only a month. I'm in love with this little tool and will keep using it. Definitely worth the money.

Enviable Beauty is the best!

I have used 3 ultrasonic scrubbers over the years and this one is the best one. It's more expensive than the others but it's worth it. Because this is not a cheap device you can find on Amazon, and it's very high quality and works better than them. Battery life is amazing too and it's very easy to hold too! This is the best one on the market, I love it!

Enviable Beauty - Premium Ultrasonic Scrubber
Grace (Denver, United States)
Just what I needed!

I just got mine today. Everything was well packed and arrived in 12 days.

High quality machine and can feel the effects immediately. I'm very happy with my purchase 😊

Amazing for clogged pores and oily skin

My skin was very oily and I had extremely clogged pores but after using this tool for 2 weeks, my skin became just perfect. It got me a while to fully figure out how to use the all care modes but the support team helped me.

I'm very happy about the experience and to be honest I didn't think this tool would work this great. My skin is free from oiliness and clogged pores. And it feels softer and amazing to touch my skin now. 5 stars and I wanted to say thank you for the support team for helping me figure everything out. :)

I searched for many and bought this one

This seems to be the best ultrasonic cleaner and I just made my purchase. Very excited to use it.

Works great with visible results

I got this to help my clogged pores and it works perfectly. 10 times better than the traditional extraction tools that I have been using. Shipping was fast, and the package was well packed. Worth the money.

It's really working!

This is my first time using a skin scrubber and it's really working! I extracted so much oil with just one use. I'm going to keep using this and I recommended this to my friends. High quality product and very effective against oily skin.

Enviable Beauty - Premium Ultrasonic Scrubber
Fiona (Newark, United States)
It is so easily to extract blackheads

I was suffering from blackheads and oily skin but with this I could extract blackheads that I didn't even know were there. It doesn't even hurt like the extraction tool. Oiliness of my is also reduced. I'm very impressed and recommend this.

Perfect for acne

I used this for my acne and I can say that this is the best product I have tried in my life. My acne started to heal very fast and now after using for 1 month, I'm totally free from acne. I have tried many products and this is the only one that actually worked. I'm very grateful for this.

My skin looks fabulous

I only wanted to use it to exfoliate my skin but my skin improved very fast. It became smoother and tighter with a glow. Nothing I expected as I have been exfoliating my face often. I highly recommend this.

100% recommended!

I'm so happy to buy this. Fast shipping, product is high quality and good customer service. Thank you!

The best skincare device!

My boyfriend said he ordered me this and I was very excited to use it. I fell in love with the first use. My skin looks clearer than ever before! The best gift ever ❤️

Enviable Beauty - Premium Ultrasonic Scrubber
Irene (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Nice skincare tool

Valuable tool to have in your beauty routine. I like it so far.

Easy to use and highly effective beauty tool

First it's well built and feels nice to hold it. Sleek, compact and great built quality. LCD display is very useful to control the care modes.

Secondly, the exfoliation is very powerful. I feel my skin being softer after each use and I noticed that my skin is getting brighter and wrinkles are disappearing. Very easy to use and results are amazing :)

Clean and glowing skin.......

I used this to exfoliate my face using with a facial cleanser. Effectiveness of the facial cleaner increased by 100 times! I extracted an unbelievable amount of dirt from my skin from the first use. When I used to use only the facial cleaner there were no noticeable effects.

But with this little tool my skin started to glow and my skin has never felt this clean before. Very happy about the purchase and I recommend this for everyone. It's a must have beauty tool that you cannot replace with something else.


I'm 52 years old and as you can imagine I have wrinkles. That's why I thought I should give this device a try and guess what! The shallow wrinkles are just gone! The deep wrinkles are much less visible! Very impressed with the results and I decided to include this in my routine, forever!

Make sure to read the instructions comes with the package, there are different ways to use the device for different results and don't use it on dry skin.

Enviable Beauty - Premium Ultrasonic Scrubber
Tina (Bradford, United Kingdom)
Better than what I expected

First the device is built with great quality and it feels nice to hold it. Package was well packed and arrived in 12 days. Exfoliation works very well. It's easy to remove dirt and steaming before exfoliation doubles the effects! Much better than scrubs! This is an essential tool!

A miraculous beauty tool

I was suffering from acne since a long time and I'm not sure why I thought I would try this device at first, but I did. And I'm so glad that I did! It took me a little while to figure out how to use this exactly but I watched some youtube videos that explained a lot.

Then I used this for 3 weeks and now I'm almost free from acne! It's hard to believe how fast it worked when compare the lotions and other remedied I used but had no real effect on acne. This device is just amazing, I would rarely leave a feedback on a product but I couldn't help it but come back here to share my gratitude to Enviable beauty. Besides the reduced acne, my skin isn't oily as it used to be and it's softer than I have ever felt. Highly recommended beauty tool to include in your routine!

I'm in love with this little tool

I just received this yesterday and tired it last night. My skin felt amazing after just one session. I could feel the increased blood flow under my skin like a tingling after the session. Looking forward to see the long term results. Highly recommended!

Enviable Beauty - Premium Ultrasonic Scrubber
Erika (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
I'm face is glowing!

My skin always used look dull and I thought I would give this a try. There were no apparent results in the first week but I started to notice a difference in the second week. And I kept using the 1st care mode, 3 times per a week. Now after exactly 4 weeks my skin looks so vibrant with a glow. I'm loving this little beauty tool. It's must have tool to keep your skin healthy!

Enviable Beauty - Premium Ultrasonic Scrubber
Tatiana (St Petersburg, Russia)
Absolutely amazing device

I have been using this for 3 weeks now. Most of my wrinkles have reduced and my skin is more tight. When I touch my face I can noticed the firmness that was not there before. I'm truly impressed with the results.


My skin is firmer and feels softer than before. I had only a couple of sessions so far but the wrinkles are already fading away and it just feels nice to touch my skin

This tool improved the overall quality of my skin in less than a week